About Project Coral Reef

Project Coral Reef is an initiative created by Naveen Jain and Riccardo “fluffypony” Spagni to elevate the awareness and viability of using Monero in everyday consumer transactions. The initiative’s first campaign was launched in December 2017 to provide music fans a means to purchase artist merchandise using Monero during the holiday season and beyond. The project was financed by 180 anonymous contributors through a campaign on Monero’s Forum Funding System. This crowdfunding system allows the Monero community to fund projects that have the potential to positively impact Monero. Naveen and Riccardo would like to thank all of the Monero community members who contributed to this campaign, Global Merchandising Services, Manhead Merchandise, G-Eazy, and participating music artists. Project Coral Reef wouldn’t exist without their support. We invite merchants who would like to accept Monero on their online stores and participate in future Project Coral Reef announcements to visit our official website at ProjectCoralReef.com.

A portion of proceeds from all sales in the Project Coral Reef Store go to the Monero Project

All products currently sold in the Project Coral Reef Store are produced by Printify, our on-demand printing partner.  For every product sold, 60% of the gross revenue goes to Printify to cover cost of goods, 30% goes to the Monero Project, and 10% goes to Sparkart, our marketing partner that designs all of the products, runs the store, and handles customer service.  If you have any questions about the Project Coral Reef Store, please contact us.